About me?

Well, you don't need to know much to understand I'm here to serve. Just keep in mind that I'm here for one and only purpose: to be somehow and somewhat helpful, to serve those who need help, to be light in this life, and to provide emotional improvement. 

If I can help one out of a thousand people who come across this space, my life will be worth it.

As a child

Well, children... We grow up under the orientation and direction of those who raise us. After you become an adult, you realize how much that affected you in the long run. It can be good. It can be awful: With self-reflection and awareness, it's up to you to tell and separate the wheat from the chaff.

As a child, the very first contact is with our mum and dad (disregarding the midwives). We get fed, dressed, and showered during the first steps. And then, we learn how to walk, eat, talk, and express ourselves relying on their teaching. That's powerful enough to make you not just live dependent on them, but emotionally mainly. So it's not a secret that we need parents so much, and the lack of it creates a role in our chest, like you or not. 

I grew up with four brothers and my parents. Full house, sharing spaces, fighting, and having memorable moments that marked my life until the current day. Being an extremely angry kid, I couldn't accept that I had to compete with my brothers to gain the attention of my parents. The most effective way to get their attention for a tiny moment was to behave badly, so I did several times. 

But did I understand this at the time? Obviously not; I understood it after my 20s when I started therapy. I couldn't accept criticism, and my self-esteem was always low due to the harmful treatment between my brothers and me for trying to be the best in my parent's eyes. An important fact I can remember well is that I just wanted validation from my family, approval, and that tap on my back that feels like, "Well done, I'm proud of you." I don't blame anyone for not providing it to me the best way because they were probably seeking the same from other people, and trying the best they could, with the best they had, and that is okay.

As an adult

I started working hard early because I knew that my parents didn't have enough money to sponsor or support me financially due to the high demands of expenses raising all of us. I understood that early, and that was great for me as I started my first job at 16 years old, earning what I could, spending time with other workers and other adults, learning, observing, and listening to different perspectives of life. I've met different families, different environments, different personalities. 

I started getting more control of my emotions when I was 20 years old, as soon as I understood that there were other ways to live life, to explore and cope with the struggles. But still, I couldn't help feeling less all the time, not worthy of wealth, and not believing in my capability. 

Depression has stayed with me since my teenage, and I work to overcome it every day. I succeed sometimes, but I fail too. I get moments of deep sadness, which are not as often nowadays, thanks to my effort to improve my mental health and self-awareness. When these moments come around, and they will keep coming, I use the tools I have and the resources I try to provide here on this website to the people who may need them. I've read different books that enlightened me on my path and learned from wise people in this niche that we can, for sure, make this life worth it. 

My complaint to my mother was always: "I don't have a taste for anything. I see everything colorless. I don't see the point of being here on Earth, dealing with people's egos and harmful behaviors, looking for things that don't make any sense to me. Why must suffering be present so much because of harmful behavior and abusive attitudes? Why do these people seek power, money, or status so much and try to be better than the others?". 

She wisely advised me, as an excellent psychologist herself, that humans are inevitably flawed, so we are; we all have our traumas, fears, unhealed and unsolved scars that blur our vision and create unexpected outcomes.

At the age of 23 years old, I moved to the UK, not only to improve my English skills, or to develop my career. I also came to find myself, and understand my weaknesses and strengths, far from everything I knew since I was born. I have found so many challenges and so much value in myself. I learned how to be self-sufficient even though I know that people need people. 

Here I found a purpose, a flame inside of me that is willing to help people conquer a better state of mind, and experience a more joyful life, without the suffering caused by negative emotions, but enhanced by the positive ones. 


Currently, I study Psychology at a University in the UK and am certified in Creational Coaching, where I'm able to help people with emotional struggles to achieve their goals with planning, consistency, and clarity on what is interfering with them getting there. 

I help individuals, whether they seek financial security and independence, emotional control for better relationships, transitioning career success, education and personal growth, recognition, respect, or legacy. Always aiming for a greater purpose.

You can check here the difference between psychological therapy and the coaching process.

Life is possible to be lived in joy with these struggles. We can't change others, but we can start changing ourselves. This can make a difference massively and reflect in the ones around you. 

Why don't we start this journey together? 

Trust in the process, and believe you can achieve a version of yourself that you will love and be proud of.

Use the available resources in your favor. Click here and find out how I can assist you.