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What is a Behavioral Test? 

Mapping the Behavioral Profile of individuals is a way to enhance the work, helping each person find their place knowledgeably and comfortably. 

This is to promote human development and self-awareness for your improvement.

Improving by crossing factors

These indicators will give you a grasp of what you currently face in your routine, at work, with the family, and in life in general. You will notice a relation between these indicators and the reality you are living in, measuring your energy utilization, positivity, the exigency of the demand from the external environment,  and others. 

You will be able to evaluate your advantages and disadvantages, increasing the possibility of reflecting on and acting on them. This research opens massive future opportunities to improve your growth, such as some examples below.

Measuring Indicators

Through research, which included statistical instruments and even knowledge of biophysics, the American psychologist William Moulton Marston, in the early 20's, built the DISC model, which is the initials of dominance, influence, stability, and conformity.

This is a modern Behavioral Prole identification system aimed at recruiting and selecting candidates, relocation, and team building for Companies. For individuals, it aims at motivational management and self-awareness based on the DISC methodology.

The Four Proles

The Proler Behavior is based on the evaluation of combinations of four basic and distinct proles.

There are several possible combinations of different levels of dominance for these four proles, which generate unique personalities, indices, and different perceptions of the world that are measured by the system, just reinforcing that each person is unique but still belonging to a group. These four proles have a nomenclature that is easy to remember and associate, and their classification translates to their main characteristics.